Since its inception, the Educational and Social Studies Institute, Research Department of the European Foundation Society and Education, has promoted a line of work with the aim of contributing to the debate on the future of the University through shared reflection about the challenges it faces. The result of this initiative was the creation of STUDIA XXI.


STUDIA XXI is a space for intellectual debate on university policies and strategies that is aware of its insertion in a specific institutional framework characterized by its focus on action-oriented policy. In the broad sense, it focuses on generating proposals to facilitate decision-making in the public interest.

STUDIA XXI is a critical forum aware of what the University can contribute to society and the challenges it faces. It does not ignore the realistic difficulties involved in taking significant steps forward. Its proposals are intended to provoke debate, effective action, and create a social climate conducive to constructive discussion and policy-action at the university level.

STUDIA XXI establishes a guiding principle of the work considered by intellectual leadership at the universities, where a community of teachers and students tacitly assumes the idea of transmitting knowledge, and training professionals in creating and recognizing ideal scenarios for the acquisition of patterns of behavior.


What does STUDIA XXI propose?

STUDIA XXI proposes a reflection from a European perspective, focusing on the University as a positive catalyst in society, and not simply reforms within the University. It strives for basic consensus that will viably reflect the efforts of expert groups that have a shared stance towards the positive characteristics that should compile a decisive model for the Spanish University.


What are the goals of STUDIA XXI?

STUDIA XXI aims to engage citizens, involve them in their improvement, and make them think about the new horizons open to them through education. This occurs because the European Higher Education Area is an opportunity for openness, pluralism and diversity of a university.

STUDIA XXI wants to deepen the spirit of the project started in Bologna which based its “reason for being” in the loss of competitiveness of European universities. Adaptation to EHEA interrogates us, perhaps in a postponed fashion, about the kind of university we want, and the model, objectives and functions of higher education institutions on the environment in which they operate and the society they serve.

STUDIA XXI aims to be a ‘think tank’ that provides the vision and specificities of European universities. Its experts intend to set common position requirements that determine the competitiveness of Spanish universities in the process of building the European Higher Education Area and the international university scene.

STUDIA XXI works with the employment of Higher Education in Spain to gain credibility and generate greater public confidence in its mission. Rationality, rigor and determination in the policies adopted by the government and university administrations are crucial, because we focus on generating good practices and outcomes assessed. This spreads the deep conviction that education is the seed of the development and advancement of democratic societies.